Client: Bristol Ground School

Bristol Ground School teach pilots the theory they need to know before they get anywhere near an aeroplane. There’s a lot to learn – about 6,000 pages in fact.

My job is to take all the diagrams, which have been sourced from all over the place, and give them a uniform look – essentially redrawing them in the BGS style. When you realize that there are over 5,000 images, you can see what a major task this is. This means a lot of work in Adobe Illustrator, which is great as it’s a pretty amazing programme once you get your head around it.

Bristol Ground School like me to work onsite as it’s often necessary for me to understand what I’m trying to illustrate. Although this means a commute for me, I actually really enjoy it as it’s out in the countryside and they’re a really fun bunch of people to work with.

Conscientious and thorough, Jack works quickly and accurately. He has a sound knowledge of the software, and has proved to be a reliable contractor over an extended relationship. We’d be happy to recommend him, without reservation.

Rod Wren, Director, Bristol Groundschool Ltd