What I do at my desk

Who employs me:

  • Individuals who want a website
  • Print Designers who want their ideas to work on the internet
  • Small Businesses that want their existing website updated or maintained.
  • Design Studios and Agencies who want me to work in-house
  • Blue Chip international conglomerates who need my help
  • Manufacturers who need illustrations for their manuals

I’m an extremely efficient worker. I don’t miss deadlines.

Here’s some examples of my work

Website: Whisk

Whisk! is a Bristol based catering and cafe company.

Website: Legend Events

This site was build in Joomla CMS (an inferior predecessor to Wordpress), and is huge! There are around 300 pages of content!

HTML email: LT Studio

A MailChimp responsive email template for LT Studio.

Flash: Zurich, The Edge

This was for a huge TV screen at a trade show.

Website: Somerset Crimbeat

Somerset Crimbeat is a charity that give out money to projects aimed at improving local environments.

Website: Crazy Cow

The client wanted a ‘fun yet professional’ design.

Website: Good Morning

Good Morning are a distributor to the catering industry.

HTML email: Naturebotts

A complex html email build.

Website: Flavour magazine

A website for foodies.

Website: LT Studio

Minimal – you haven’t seen anything yet!

Illustration: Security items

Various items for a company that made security cameras and lighting.

Website: Backhouse

Backhouse specialises in small-medium sized housing developments primarily across the South West of England.

Website: Alternative Capital

This was a turnkey solution website which took only 10 working days to deliver.

Flash: Nigel’s Pension

Kinetic text for Zurich Plc.

Website Somerset FMT Clinic

A quick and easy WordPress site.

Website: Walkabout Bars

Situated in most city centres throughout the country, Walkabout (Aussie theme bar) now boasts 49 pubs… and counting!

Flash: E-learning module

Built in flash with SCORM functionality.

HTML email: True Digital

A complex html email build.

Website: Jongleurs

We built and maintained the Jongleurs website from 2001 – 2009.

Illustration: Aeroplanes.

Lovely pictures of a jumbo jet and a DC3.

Website: Nagaland

I designed and built this website for a Danish company.

Website: England Green

England Green wanted something completely unique, with usability coming way down the list of priorities, and concept being at the top.

Website Maintenance: Complete Coherence

Achieve exceptional performance, even under extreme pressure…

Illustration: Kell

A Soundproof ‘Server Room in a Box’

Flash: David’s Pension

Kinetic text for Zurich Plc.

Website: Wings Alliance

Bristol Ground School asked me to rethink their Wings Alliance site.

Print: WMS Catalogue

This was my first job in print, back in 1998. Before the interview, I read the Quark Xpress manual from cover to cover.

Print: Ultimatum

Ultimatum is an annual magazine which is sent to people who play Ultimate frisbee in the UK. For ten years I have been the designer of Ultimatum.

Website: OUP US Higher Education

Website build for Oxford University Press

Illustration: Flying School

A very small selection of the 5,000 images I have redrawn for BGS.

Website: Aerosol Society

It’s hard to explain how outdated this website was without showing it..

Illustration: Fellows binders

I still don’t know what these machines actually do.

HTML email: Examples from Zone

I did a load of html emails for Zone Digital, here’s a small sample of them.

Website: Serious Food

My first job for Winter Design.

Print: Rugby programmes

I got to meet quite a few of the team. Well, I didn’t actually meet them, but we all had breakfast in the same café at the same time.

Website: The Lockout

I got to listen to new music from upcoming bands before anybody else had heard of them. Some of them never had a more enthusiastic audience than me!

Print: Soil Association

A pleasantly down to earth piece of work

Website: Zurich 4 Protection

Sometimes it’s nice to be a very small cog in a very big machine.

Website: The Raceway, Birmingham

This website came with one of my favorite briefs eve…

Website: JAB group

JAB Group provide a bespoke recruitment service for sales and marketing appointments within the building industry and allied sectors.

Illustration: Binatone phones

The old dog n bone…

Website: English Weather

English Weather are a very very posh knitwear company.

Website: Disc Golf UK

I recently started playing Disc Golf and came across a site selling discs in the UK.

Website: Barney Cokeliss

Barney was about to head off to the Toronto International Film Festival, where he had a short film premiering when he realised that his website was very out of date…

Website: Harwood

Brief: Generic pictures of business people doing fantastic deals

Illustration: Parts of car engines

Line drawings of complicated lumps of metal.

Website: Merganser support for schools

A nice simple WordPress website.

Illustration: Britax

Technical illustration for a Britax child car seat manual.

Website: Pure Fudge

This website is for a new mum who wants to sell fudge in her spare time between changing nappies (you couldn’t make this stuff up).

HTML email: Jongleurs

This is an email for Jongleurs Comedy Clubs.

Silver Lining

A very simple e-commerce website selling homemade jewellery.

Website: Noisy Little Monkey

The website needed to be big, brash, colourful and most importantly responsive. These guys are also really on updating, and add new blogs to their website on a daily basis.

Print: Waterlily bath company

Posh baths for posh people.

HTML email: English Heritage

A complex HTML email build.

Website: Zurich Intranet microsite

To be honest Jack, you are the key person in getting this project to be where it is and you have been brilliant to deal with…

Website: Aspen Concepts

This website offers them a simple CMS that does a lot of complex stuff in the background to make their website look great.

Website: Therapy For You

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem.

Website: Joel Bugg

Joel understand the value of professional photography and so we had the joy of working with some really excellent images for this project.

Website: Gentect Homes

Gentect Homes is an innovative partnership of leading specialists who plan, design and build quality homes…

HTML email: Zurich template

This is a template file used for internal emails.

HTML email: True

A simple HTML email.

Website: Interflow UK

Interflow UK are a the UK suppliers of various high end stainless steel products to the building industry, for example kitchen drainage ducts and air ventilation systems. Their products are installed in the kitchens at both Buckingham Palace and the House of Commons!

Website: Labels Zoo

An e-commerce website, selling integrated labels, which achieved £250,000 turnover in its first year of trading.

Website: Brodie Press

I had this design idea for ages, but was unable to persuade any business to go with it. Then Brodie Press came along and loved it.


Website: Bristol Ground School

This is a complex website; not only does it sell courses (turnover £216,538.00 in the last annum!), it also enables students to book cramming courses from a list of scheduled events.

Website: Ben DJ Art

I had long wanted to create the most simple site possible..

Flash: GI Kinetic Text

An internal promotional animation for Zurich

Website: OUP English Medium Education

Design and build for Oxford University Press

Website: Sector

iTransact contracted me to build this WordPress website

Website: Ethernet Ltd

The client needed a website in a hurry. I designed and built this website in two days.

Website: New Horizon Energy

A website for an oil company

Flash: Cargo Risk Academy

Flash animation for Zurich plc.

Website: iTransact

This website presented a number of technical problems that seemed impossible to solve…

Flash: Zurich4Protection Banners

Animated banner campaign for the zurich4protection website.

Website: Zurich CommzKit

I translated this website into nine languages.

Website: Cambridge IT

These guys offer great IT support, rescue and advice in the Cambridge area.

Website: OUP Brasil

Website build for Oxford University Press

Website: Edwards

An exciting opportunity to learn a new API to create an Estate Agents website

Drupal website: Cloth magazine

A swanky new website for the sewing aficionado.

Flash: Animated banners

A campaign of over 200 banners!

Website: Cogent

This website uses Drupal CMS. I would always choose WordPress, but sometimes the client knows best!

Flash: Dubai showreel

This is a showreel to ‘pump up’ Zurich’s agents in Dubai…

Website: Merganser Consulting

To be honest, I still don’t fully understand what it is this company does!

Website: OUP Education

I suggested that with minimal code changes I could make the current website responsive, thereby eradicating the need to run two websites with the same information.

Website: American Energy

An American oil company

Website: BC Photography

This is basically a fairly simple and robust HTML site.

Website: OUP Mexico

Website build for Oxford University Press

Website: Prevailing Analysis

Prevailing is a leading provider of engineering and analysis services to the wind farm industry.

Website: Zenith Optimedia

Website build for True.

Illustration: Rexel binders

Bound to please!