Examples of my work using Design

Website: Wings Alliance

Bristol Ground School asked me to rethink their Wings Alliance site.

Website: Disc Golf UK

I recently started playing Disc Golf and came across a site selling discs in the UK.

Website: Barney Cokeliss

Barney was about to head off to the Toronto International Film Festival, where he had a short film premiering when he realised that his website was very out of date…

Website: Nagaland

I designed and built this website for a Danish company.

Website Somerset FMT Clinic

A quick and easy WordPress site.

Website: Prevailing Analysis

Prevailing is a leading provider of engineering and analysis services to the wind farm industry.

Website: Noisy Little Monkey

The website needed to be big, brash, colourful and most importantly responsive. These guys are also really on updating, and add new blogs to their website on a daily basis.

Website: Ethernet Ltd

The client needed a website in a hurry. I designed and built this website in two days.

Website: Aerosol Society

It’s hard to explain how outdated this website was without showing it..

Website: American Energy

An American oil company

Website: Harwood

Brief: Generic pictures of business people doing fantastic deals

Website: New Horizon Energy

A website for an oil company

Flash: Zurich, The Edge

This was for a huge TV screen at a trade show.

Website: OUP US Higher Education

Website build for Oxford University Press

Website: OUP English Medium Education

Design and build for Oxford University Press

Website: Labels Zoo

An e-commerce website, selling integrated labels, which achieved £250,000 turnover in its first year of trading.

Silver Lining

A very simple e-commerce website selling homemade jewellery.

Website: LT Studio

Minimal – you haven’t seen anything yet!

Website: Edwards

An exciting opportunity to learn a new API to create an Estate Agents website

Flash: Cargo Risk Academy

Flash animation for Zurich plc.

Flash: Nigel’s Pension

Kinetic text for Zurich Plc.

Flash: David’s Pension

Kinetic text for Zurich Plc.

Website: Somerset Crimbeat

Somerset Crimbeat is a charity that give out money to projects aimed at improving local environments.

Website: Good Morning

Good Morning are a distributor to the catering industry.

Website: Flavour magazine

A website for foodies.

Website: Alternative Capital

This was a turnkey solution website which took only 10 working days to deliver.

HTML email: Jongleurs

This is an email for Jongleurs Comedy Clubs.

Flash: GI Kinetic Text

An internal promotional animation for Zurich

Flash: Dubai showreel

This is a showreel to ‘pump up’ Zurich’s agents in Dubai…

Website: Crazy Cow

The client wanted a ‘fun yet professional’ design.

Print: Rugby programmes

I got to meet quite a few of the team. Well, I didn’t actually meet them, but we all had breakfast in the same café at the same time.

Website: Cogent

This website uses Drupal CMS. I would always choose WordPress, but sometimes the client knows best!

Website: Bristol Ground School

This is a complex website; not only does it sell courses (£216,538.00 turnover), it also enables students to book cramming courses from a list of scheduled events.

Website: Legend Events

This site was build in Joomla CMS (an inferior predecessor to Wordpress), and is huge! There are around 300 pages of content!

Website: The Raceway, Birmingham

This website came with one of my favorite briefs eve…

Print: Ultimatum

Ultimatum is an annual magazine which is sent to people who play Ultimate frisbee in the UK. For ten years I have been the designer of Ultimatum.

Website: The Lockout

I got to listen to new music from upcoming bands before anybody else had heard of them. Some of them never had a more enthusiastic audience than me!

Website: Jongleurs

We built and maintained the Jongleurs website from 2001 – 2009.

Website: Ben DJ Art

I had long wanted to create the most simple site possible..

Website: Brodie Press

I had this design idea for ages, but was unable to persuade any business to go with it. Then Brodie Press came along and loved it.

Website: BC Photography

This is basically a fairly simple and robust HTML site.

Website: Cambridge IT

These guys offer great IT support, rescue and advice in the Cambridge area.

Website: JAB group

JAB Group provide a bespoke recruitment service for sales and marketing appointments within the building industry and allied sectors.

Website: Gentect Homes

Gentect Homes is an innovative partnership of leading specialists who plan, design and build quality homes…