A quick and easy WordPress site.

Half a day on design, two days on build, including mobile responsive version, and profile and cover pics for Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

“Thank you! The website looks fantastic. Really happy with it. Having worked with several website providers, I really appreciate the speed at which you got things done, but more importantly the attention you took to understanding what I needed – which meant we got this right first time.”

Website: somersetfmtclinic.co.uk
The client took this website down as she was getting too many bookings!


I first met Jon Payne in 2003, when we both worked for a small digital company in Bristol, it took us both some time to realise that we actually lived next door to each other. Things have moved on, including Jon who now runs an incredibly successful SEO company and lives in a much nicer house.

The great thing about this company is that humour is essential to them on a daily basis – it does mean that meeting tend to go on for a long time, but rarely will you enjoy yourself more whilst discussing AdWords and site audits than when you are talking to these guys.

The website needed to be big, brash, colourful and most importantly responsive. These guys are also really on updating, and add new blogs to their website on a daily basis.

Website: noisylittlemonkey.com


The client needed a website and logo in a hurry. I designed and built this website in two days.

Website: ethernet.ltd.uk


It’s hard to explain how outdated this website was, but lets just say that most of the text was in capital letters and the links were ‘classic’ blue and underlined.

I came up with a new logo and design in one day, and built it the next day.

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Website link.
Note: Website under construction – awaiting client’s content.


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Note: Website under construction – awaiting client’s content.


This was my brief “I suggest a home page with generic pictures of business people doing fantastic deals, and images of City of London, Dubai, Doha and New York, together with a headline which I will come up with.”

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Note: Website under construction – awaiting client’s content.


New Horizon Energy wanted a website that reflected their global status. This was a nice website to build, as they liked all my ideas and made everything fairly straight forward.

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Note: Website under construction.


This was a turnkey solution website, I did the design and build, and out-sourced the copywriting. It was a satisfyingly quick turnaround from conception to getting the website took only 10 working days.

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Website under maintenance.


Sometimes it’s nice to be a very small cog in a very big machine. At Zurich Plc I work within a very talented and extensive team. This particular website is rebuilt every year, and this is the third version I have built.


The client wanted a ‘fun yet professional’ design – they organise private parties and work do’s, mainly in London. They have working relationships with hundreds of bars, clubs and venues.

I designed the website with a lot of guidance from the client – they had a pretty clear idea of what they wanted. I also built the Drupal templates and regularly do small maintenance jobs, although obviously the client is able to add, promote and update the venue listings.

This website uses Drupal CMS.

Website link: crazycowevents.co.uk

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For one season I designed the rugby game programmes for Bath Rugby, Bristol Rugby and the Celtic Crusaders. I used Quark or InDesign and Photoshop.

This job involved late nights, content arriving late and unchecked, and completely unmovable deadlines. It was a lot of fun. I learnt a lot about Bath Ruby, and by the end felt that I had almost become a supporter. I even got to meet quite a few of the team. Well, I didn’t actually meet them, but we all had breakfast in the same café at the same time – does that count?

This work was for Greenpark Publishing

Legend Events is a company that organize Hen and Stag weekends. The website needed to be brash, fun and exciting – for the Stags, but also cool sexy and fun for the Hens – while maintain a uniform corporate look and feel. I achieved this with a simple style switch when you clicked ‘Hens’ or ‘Stags’ – essentially just changing the colour scheme. However, it wasn’t that simple – each page had to have content tailored towards the respective client group, so all the menu items had to switch seamlessly as well.

This site was build in Joomla CMS (an inferior predecessor to WordPress), and is huge! There are around 300 pages of content!

Website currently unavailable

This website came with one of my favorite briefs ever: “I wouldn’t tell an architect how to design a house. I wouldn’t tell builder how to build a house. Go design me a nice website and I’ll trust your professional opinion – that’s what I’m paying for.”

And what’s more, he did. If only there were more clients like that.

This website uses Joomla CMS, which is an inferior predecessor to WordPress, although at the time it was considered pretty cutting edge.

Amazing to have a techie actually speak English and to exceed our expectations!

Adam Batchelor, Director, The Raceway


For over a decade I have been the designer of Ultimatum. In the early years I was the Editor, Proof reader and Distributer as well! Thankfully the team of people involved has grown considerably, and now I just design it. There are fewer grammatical errors nowadays, but also far fewer friends of mine featured in the magazine.

Ultimatum is an annual magazine which is sent to people who play Ultimate frisbee in the UK.


This website was a lot of fun to work on – this company promoted young musicians and I got to listen to new music from upcoming bands before anybody else had heard of them. Some of them never had a more enthusiastic audience than me!

This contract was through iTransact Ltd. We built and then maintained the Lockout website from 2006 – 2008, when the company was bought by Dingwalls.

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This is a hard one for me.. Jongleurs are among my most famous clients. I came up with the original design, and built the website, but the client required so many changes and hacks (including the use of ‘frames’!) that I no longer felt that the site was my design.

In the end, the client is always right.

This project was managed by iTransact We have maintained the Jongleurs website since 2001, although the design has since changed and been outsourced.

I had this design idea for ages, but was unable to persuade any business to go with it. Then Brodie Press came along and loved it.

And then they got a nice grant from the Arts Council England, and were actually able to pay me! I love this site.



This is basically a fairly simple and robust HTML site. The client was very pleased with the clean appearance and ‘idiot friendly’ useability.


These guys offer great IT support, rescue and advice in the Cambridge area.

I’ve never used them (I have a Mac, so I don’t need to be rescued!), but I hear they are very good.


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JAB Group provide a bespoke recruitment service for sales and marketing appointments within the building industry and allied sectors.


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Gentect Homes is an innovative partnership of leading specialists who plan, design and build quality homes, delivering a portfolio solution to the problems of building homes in large numbers to create sustainable communities.

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