Examples of my work using Adobe Illustrator

Website: Wings Alliance

Bristol Ground School asked me to rethink their Wings Alliance site.

Website: English Weather

English Weather are a very very posh knitwear company.

Website: Prevailing Analysis

Prevailing is a leading provider of engineering and analysis services to the wind farm industry.

Website: Noisy Little Monkey

The website needed to be big, brash, colourful and most importantly responsive. These guys are also really on updating, and add new blogs to their website on a daily basis.

Illustration: Flying School

A very small selection of the 5,000 images I have redrawn for BGS.

Website: Walkabout Bars

Situated in most city centres throughout the country, Walkabout (Aussie theme bar) now boasts 49 pubs… and counting!

Illustration: Kell

A Soundproof ‘Server Room in a Box’

Illustration: Fellows binders

I still don’t know what these machines actually do.

Illustration: Security items

Various items for a company that made security cameras and lighting.

Illustration: Binatone phones

The old dog n bone…

Illustration: Rexel binders

Bound to please!

Illustration: Aeroplanes.

Lovely pictures of a jumbo jet and a DC3.

Illustration: Britax

Technical illustration for a Britax child car seat manual.

Illustration: Parts of car engines

Line drawings of complicated lumps of metal.

Website: Sector

iTransact contracted me to build this WordPress website