Bristol Ground School asked me to rethink their Wings Alliance site. I’m really pleased with the slick minimalist look, and subtle interactive css animations on this site.

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English Weather are a very very posh knitwear company. Most of their products are 100% cashmere or 100% silk knitwear. I didn’t even know you could knit with silk!

This website was designed by Cherry Goddard for iTransact, and built and maintained by me. Cherry works exclusively in Illustrator, which is unusual for a web designer, and is probably due to the fact that she usually designs for print.

The website is beautifully simple, allowing the products to speak for themselves.

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Project managed by iTransact

Prevailing is a leading provider of engineering and analysis services to the wind farm industry. They needed a fresh new website that was responsive and easy to maintain. They largely left the design up to me, and followed my advice.

During my first few meetings with Matthew Colls, I thought I was chatting with their work experience intern, but it soon became apparent that he certainly knew what he was talking about when he started asking questions about the coding languages I would be using. It turns out he’s a director of the company and kind of a polymath.

A great company of very smart and dedicated people who seem to love their job.



I first met Jon Payne in 2003, when we both worked for a small digital company in Bristol, it took us both some time to realise that we actually lived next door to each other. Things have moved on, including Jon who now runs an incredibly successful SEO company and lives in a much nicer house.

The great thing about this company is that humour is essential to them on a daily basis – it does mean that meeting tend to go on for a long time, but rarely will you enjoy yourself more whilst discussing AdWords and site audits than when you are talking to these guys.

The website needed to be big, brash, colourful and most importantly responsive. These guys are also really on updating, and add new blogs to their website on a daily basis.



This is a very small selection of the 5,000 images I have redrawn for Bristol Ground School.

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Situated in most city centres throughout the country, Walkabout (Aussie theme bar) now boasts 49 pubs… and counting! ‘Strewth!’, you say? So did I when they offered me the job of creating a living website, working from designs by Cherry Goddard.

This contract was through iTransact Ltd. We built and then maintained the Walkabout website from 2005 – 2009.

This project was managed by iTransact

I went on site to take photos of the product, which meant I had really nice images to work from. Normally I just get a sketch on the back of an envelope.

There were about forty accessories in addition to the main product, but I have only included a few, as I didn’t want to cause you too much excitement.

This work was done for Kell Systems.

Somebody once asked me “Why do you do all these illustrations? They look like they take ages.”

I didn’t know what to say.

This work was done for APT Transtelex.

This work was done for APT Transtelex.

You know what? I really wouldn’t have thought there are any of these particular models still working out there in the real world, as they would be at least a year old by now.

This work was done for APT Transtelex.

This work was for the Rexel binder manual. You might think this is boring, but I have spent many days of my life doing this kind of thing!

This work was done for APT Transtelex.

This was for an invitation to a very special annual dinner for big clients and shareholders. They were flown to the event in the aeroplane.

This work was done for Windsor Plc.

Here’s a nice picture of a kitchen – I didn’t know where else to put it.

Everyone loves children, right?
These were created from a few digital photographs.

This work was done for APT Transtelex.

This was for a company who made air conditioning units for cars. I have no idea what the illustrations were used for. I created these from very bad quality photocopies.

iTransact contracted me to build this WordPress website, it uses a few nice little flash animations and design ideas.

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Please note: this is not a live website – some parts are still in development.

This project was managed by iTransact