Posh baths for posh people.

This is the Soil Associations quarterly magazine.

This work was for Greenpark Publishing

For one season I designed the rugby game programmes for Bath Rugby, Bristol Rugby and the Celtic Crusaders. I used Quark or InDesign and Photoshop.

This job involved late nights, content arriving late and unchecked, and completely unmovable deadlines. It was a lot of fun. I learnt a lot about Bath Ruby, and by the end felt that I had almost become a supporter. I even got to meet quite a few of the team. Well, I didn’t actually meet them, but we all had breakfast in the same café at the same time – does that count?

This work was for Greenpark Publishing

This was my first job in print, back in 1998. Before the interview, I read the Quark Xpress manual from cover to cover.

West Mercia Supplies are a purchasing consortium supplying office equipment to schools. I was responsible for producing a 600 page catalogue. This included creating and editing the Quark documents, art directing the photography and organizing the printing; from the £100,000 tender exercise to checking the final product as it came off the press. I worked here for about a year.

For over a decade I have been the designer of Ultimatum. In the early years I was the Editor, Proof reader and Distributer as well! Thankfully the team of people involved has grown considerably, and now I just design it. There are fewer grammatical errors nowadays, but also far fewer friends of mine featured in the magazine.

Ultimatum is an annual magazine which is sent to people who play Ultimate frisbee in the UK.