Examples of my work using Website maintenance

Website: Wings Alliance

Bristol Ground School asked me to rethink their Wings Alliance site.

Website: Disc Golf UK

I recently started playing Disc Golf and came across a site selling discs in the UK.

Website: English Weather

English Weather are a very very posh knitwear company.

Website: Interflow UK

Interflow UK are a the UK suppliers of various high end stainless steel products to the building industry, for example kitchen drainage ducts and air ventilation systems. Their products are installed in the kitchens at both Buckingham Palace and the House of Commons!

Website: Flavour magazine

A website for foodies.

Website: Crazy Cow

The client wanted a ‘fun yet professional’ design.

Website Maintenance: Complete Coherence

Achieve exceptional performance, even under extreme pressure…

Website: Bristol Ground School

This is a complex website; not only does it sell courses (£216,538.00 turnover), it also enables students to book cramming courses from a list of scheduled events.

Website: Jongleurs

We built and maintained the Jongleurs website from 2001 – 2009.