I am extremely lucky to have a few regular clients that keep me busy most of the time. On top of that I get a nice selection of one off jobs which I enjoy as a change of scene.

I’ve never really advertised, but have got work by word of mouth.

Client: Bristol Ground School

Bristol Ground School teach pilots the theory they need to know before they get anywhere near an aeroplane. There’s a lot to learn – about 6,000 pages in fact.

My job is to take all the diagrams, which have been sourced from all over the place, and give them a uniform look – essentially redrawing them in the BGS style. When you realize that there are over 5,000 images, you can see what a major task this is. This means a lot of work in Adobe Illustrator, which is great as it’s a pretty amazing programme once you get your head around it.

Bristol Ground School like me to work onsite as it’s often necessary for me to understand what I’m trying to illustrate. Although this means a commute for me, I actually really enjoy it as it’s out in the countryside and they’re a really fun bunch of people to work with.

Conscientious and thorough, Jack works quickly and accurately. He has a sound knowledge of the software, and has proved to be a reliable contractor over an extended relationship. We’d be happy to recommend him, without reservation.

Rod Wren, Director, Bristol Groundschool Ltd

Client: Greenpark Publishing

Greenpark Publishing are a small publishing house based in Bristol. I first worked for them as an in-house designer and artworker in 2009, using InDesign to create match programmes for Bath Rugby.

Eventually I moved onto other things, but have a continuing working relationship with Greenpark, mainly maintaining their flavour magazine website.

Malago Ltd have been looking after Flavour magazine and Green Living Magazines websites with regular monthly updates for the last 5 years or more. Jack has also created other company websites for our wide range of clients who are all happy with the service provided.
We find the service supplied by Malago Ltd very succinct and professional.

Peter Francomb, Director, Greenpark Publishing

Client’s website. (Not built by me!)

Client: iTransact

I first worked with Constantine Pagonis in 1999, when we both worked for a very large business-to-business insurance company. Eventually we both left the hustle and bustle of London and went our separate ways, but as we had enjoyed working together we kept in touch and have been working together (on and off) ever since.

Constantine founded iTransact in 2001, and has been building a loyal client base ever since. We have a comfortable and direct working relationship despite the fact that we haven’t actually met up face to face for many years (Constantine being based in Cambridge or Greece), all our communication being via phone, email and skype. This suits us both very well.

Client’s website

Jack’s uncommon combination of both coding skill and design flair makes him an invaluable resource for iTransact.
We have worked together on many projects over the years and I have always been happy with both the process and the result.

Constantine Pagonis, Director, iTransact Ltd.

Client: Real Design & Media

Real Design & Media are a small but vibrant design agency based in Bristol. They specialise in print, but occasionally need someone to turn their ideas into working websites. That’s where I come in.

I first worked with Real Design & Media in 2010, and have really enjoyed the friendly and easy going atmosphere in their office.

Client’s website.

Client: True

True Digital are a high end digital agency based in Bristol. Of all my clients, these guys are the most exciting to work for – they have a team of excellent designers and their whole company attitude is professional and dedicated. If I ever decided to quit self employment and look for a permanent job, these guys would be the first on my list.

A lot of the work I do for True is as a small part of a big team, so I can’t really feature these projects as my own work, however, I can say that I have worked on these websites:

Client’s website.

Client: Winter Design

Simon Winter approached me to see if I would be interested in collaborating. He runs a tight ship, but interestingly we all work from home. I absolutely love working on Simon’s projects, he has a great attitude and a great team around him.

I particularly enjoy the simplicity of his designs, and working with Andy (the other front-end developer) has given me incredible insight into new and exciting ways of working with WordPress.

Client: Zurich Financial Services

Zurich have an in-house design agency based in Swindon, called The Zurich Communications Agency. Originally I was hired as a freelance web designer back in 2009. Since then I have managed to gain the reputation of a Jack-of-all-trades, mainly because I’ll do whatever needs doing. I’ve been asked to build websites, create print documents in InDesign, edit film in Final Cut Pro, create animations in Flash, and even design templates in Microsoft Word (most designers claim this is impossible, which is why I’m so popular at Zurich – in fact my work in Word has gained me so much respect and praise that I’m almost tempted to mention it on my CV).

Working for a blue chip global Plc such as Zurich means I have to be aware of their  modus operandi and ever changing brand guidelines. The modus operandi can be an interesting challenge; for example, until 2012 the entire global organization were based on Internet Explorer 6 – now this won’t mean anything to you unless you’re a web geek, but it means using technology that is ten years old and rather eccentric. My attitude to this situation is that if web design were easy, any idiot could do it, so I’m grateful for the hoops to jump through.

I’m only called into Zurich when their staff are really up against it. They like me because I don’t mind doing the jobs they hate, and I’m really really quick.

We have a pool of digital designers on our books for when the work ramps up. Jack is always the first name we call for when we need an extra pair of reliable and quick hands. We can simply brief him and leave him to it. His work is always completed with care and with time to spare. We all like having him around.

Franco Lautieri, Senior Designer Digital Media, Zurich Communications Agency

Due to the nature of the beast, I am not allowed to show many examples of the work I do for Zurich on this website. Such is life.

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. They are a global publisher of dictionaries and other educational material.

They have an in house team of programmers and geeks, but they come to me for some design and html/css builds. It’s very important that all their websites conform to strict standards.

Client’s website.