Client: Zurich Financial Services

Zurich have an in-house design agency based in Swindon, called The Zurich Communications Agency. Originally I was hired as a freelance web designer back in 2009. Since then I have managed to gain the reputation of a Jack-of-all-trades, mainly because I’ll do whatever needs doing. I’ve been asked to build websites, create print documents in InDesign, edit film in Final Cut Pro, create animations in Flash, and even design templates in Microsoft Word (most designers claim this is impossible, which is why I’m so popular at Zurich – in fact my work in Word has gained me so much respect and praise that I’m almost tempted to mention it on my CV).

Working for a blue chip global Plc such as Zurich means I have to be aware of their  modus operandi and ever changing brand guidelines. The modus operandi can be an interesting challenge; for example, until 2012 the entire global organization were based on Internet Explorer 6 – now this won’t mean anything to you unless you’re a web geek, but it means using technology that is ten years old and rather eccentric. My attitude to this situation is that if web design were easy, any idiot could do it, so I’m grateful for the hoops to jump through.

I’m only called into Zurich when their staff are really up against it. They like me because I don’t mind doing the jobs they hate, and I’m really really quick.

We have a pool of digital designers on our books for when the work ramps up. Jack is always the first name we call for when we need an extra pair of reliable and quick hands. We can simply brief him and leave him to it. His work is always completed with care and with time to spare. We all like having him around.

Franco Lautieri, Senior Designer Digital Media, Zurich Communications Agency

Due to the nature of the beast, I am not allowed to show many examples of the work I do for Zurich on this website. Such is life.