Website: Zurich Intranet microsite

This ‘microsite’ consists of about 50 pages, but I’ve called it a microsite because it’s part of the Zurich Intranet. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to show you the actual site, so you’ll have to take my word for how amazing it is.

Or do you? Below is some feedback me and the team received…

Work for Zurich.


This is REALLY great – kudos.
Jane Reed-Thomas, Head of Communications, General Insurance

Just wanted to say you did an phenomenal job on the Corp Cust VP guide. It looks great, and I have never seen something as comprehensive and user-friendly, even “fun” to peruse, as this at my previous employers. I really think this will help not only new employees, but the organization at large be a better “One Zurich” – GREAT JOB!!!”
Tonya Venuti, Marketing Campaign Manager, Zurich Global Corporate in North America

Just a quick email to say it looks really great. It’s very useful to have all these information in one place. I can very well imagine the amount of work that’s lies behind it. It’s really impressive, clear, well structured with an attractive look and feel. Very well done!
Carine Andrey Marek, Head of Marketing & Sales Activation

Great Stuff! Easy to navigate with clear and exciting information!
Todd Cunningham, Head of Strategic Risk Solutions and Private Equity, Zurich Global Corporate

A personal thanks from me to Simon, Becs, Martin, Jack and Miriam. We shouldered the task together and delivered something over and above their expectations. This job was very challenging – but well worth the effort.
Julie Burness, Project Manager

To be honest Jack, you are the key person in getting this project to be where it is and you have been brilliant to deal with, so a huge thank you from me too.
Miriam Shire, Project Manager